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CYOLogoA program of youth sports and recreation, emphasizing friendly competition, team spirit and individual achievement through good sportsmanship modeled after Christian values. It uses sports as an attraction to what Christ and the Catholic church can bring to their lives. All volunteers serve as Youth Ministers within the athletic framework. For more information please call 210-434-3247.

Contact:  Mike McWilliams, President




                                     2017  CYO  SPORTS  SCHEDULE

  Soccer/Volleyball/ Flag Football          
 Registration Opens  07/31/17  
Registration Closes  08/27/17          
        Practice Starts  08/28/17          
         Season Starts  09/15/17        
                              Regular Season Ends  11/05/17   


      pdf (6.71 MB)
                                      Zone Playoffs  11/07/17  to  11/12/17          
                                       City Playoffs  11/14/17  to  11/19/17          


Child 1 Name:*
Date of Birth 1:*
Age Today:*
Child 1:*
School Name:*
Previous SJB Team Name (only for returning players)
School Grade:*
Child 1 Sport:*

Child 2 Name:
Date of Birth 2:
Age Today 2:
Child 2:
School Name 2:
Previous SJB Team Name (only for returning players 2)
School Grade 2:
Child 2 Sport:

Child 3 Name:
Child 3:
Date of Birth 3:
Age Today 3:
School Name 3:
Previous SJB Team Name (only for returning players 3)
School Grade 3:
Child 3 Sport:

Father Address:*
Father Birthdate:*
Father Volunteer:*

Mother Address:*
Mother Birthdate:*
Mother Phone:*
Mother E-mail:
Mother Volunteer:*

Note:  In Order For A Child To Be On An Active Roster, Current Registration, Uniform Deposit, Service Hour Fee And All Outstanding Balances Must Be Paid In Full.

Practice Attendance:  It Is Important Your Child Attends Practice.  CYO Rules Allow A Coach To Drop Your Child After Three (3) Unexcused Absences.  Please Cooperate With Your Coaches And Notify Them Ahead Of Time If Your Child Will Not Attend A Practice.  

Concession Schedule:  Each team will be required to work scheduled times in the concession stand and assigned a field maintenance day during the season.  A schedule will be provided and must be adhered to.  Any team not meeting their obligation will be subject to a $50 fine.

Parental Consent:  By signing this registration, you acknowledge that that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions including the release and consent of medical treatment for your child.  You also agree and understand that you are transmitting personal data for yourself and your child over the Internet and that St. John Berchmans is not responsible for any issues that could arise

Birth Certificate:  Original birth certificates are required for your child to participate in St. John Berchmans' CYO Program.  Please acknowledge that you have read and understand this is a requirement for registration.

Birth Certificate*

Proof Of Residency:  In order for your child to participate in the St. John Berchmans CYO program, we require proof of residency within the immediate area.  Acceptable verification documents are City Public Service (CPS) electric bill or San Antonio Water System (SAWS) water bill.   Please acknowledge that you have read and understand this is a requirement for registration.

Utility Proof*

Parent Signature:*
Parent E-mail:*


Mass And  Meetings

Executive Board
Every 3rd Wednesday (School Cafeteria) 6:00pm

Coaches &  Parents
Every 3rd Wednesday (School Cafeteria) 7:00pm

Every 3rd Sunday at the 12:00pm Mass


CYO Executive Board

President Mike McWilliams
Vice President Andy Dominguez 
Athletic Director Andy Dominguez & David Buentello
Registrar Sandra Reyes (interim)
Treasurer Elizabeth Hernandez
Secretary Christine McWilliams (interim)

Helpful Links

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